We have been recognizing tremendous needs and wants of people’s solution in their family conflicts, but they are not willing to come out of their secret due to the cultural myths and stigma.

In fact, we have been concerned about the dilemma in which parents cover up for their children’s drug problems until the children become more uncontrollable in their behaviors with drug and alcohol abuse and dependency. Without the community education and grass rooted enlightening movement, we are not able to keep our community healthy and safe environment for our children.

ACTS wants to get involved in educating and informing people of the current issues with drug and alcohol, so that people can choose the healthy ways for their lives.


ACTS provides services for individuals ages 12 to 18 with psychological, emotional and behavioral problems. We approach the adolescent’s treatment through consideration of their social, academic and family environments. We value and explore perceptions of the patient, family, treating physician, school and community professionals. Our professionals will then target those areas that are going to be critical in the stabilization process such as:



Currently we are losing more persons in the country to various forms of prescription drug abuse than in motor vehicle accidents. Many persons are prescribed addictive medications for legitimate medical conditions and develop patterns of prescription drug abuse that can lead to serious injury and even death.


Suboxone is a medication that must be prescribed by a physician who has been approved by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration. The medication helps stabilize a person’s dependence by reducing or eliminating drug craving and/or opiate withdrawal symptoms. Generally, most persons seeking treatment for opiate dependence treatment require more support and counseling in addition to the medication. Suboxone prescribers may or may not be able to provide the additional support necessary to help a person successfully recover from their dependence on opiates.



Chemical Dependency is one of the most common diseases that are encountered today in the disease of alcoholism, drug addiction or in chemical dependency a person is affected in the area of the body, mind, and spirit. A disease has its own symptoms and is describable.

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